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Are you just “oil-spill cleanup guys”?

NO. We’re your all-in-one resource.
We provide immediate response to any emergency — from oil spills to chemical leaks to explosives. What’s more, thanks to our affiliation with Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. (EWMI), we have resources to handle the emergency situation and the follow-through. After containment and cleanup, we can turn the job over to EWMI for remediation, treatment and disposal. The whole process is seamless and affordable.

Our staff is fully trained and certified

Each Rapid Response staff member has received extensive education and job-specific training. In fact, our employees’ qualifications and credentials exceed industry standards. Regardless of the situation, we understand — and know how to address — the financial, legal and social aspects of a hazardous material emergency. Our extensive training process ensures that public health and safety are always the first priority when responding to any emergency.

We own state-of-the-art equipment and supplies

Our response teams are outfitted with the latest emergency response equipment and supplies — from all levels of personal protective equipment and atmospheric monitoring devices to spill control equipment for chemical releases. No other emergency response contractor can match our inventory.

We are affiliated with EWMI

Our sister relationship with Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. (EWMI) gives us full-service capabilities that set us apart from other emergency response companies. EWMI provides an extensive package of environmental services, including remediation and the disposal of all types of hazardous and nonhazardous waste. Through our combined resources, you benefit from the most comprehensive emergency response company available.

Are you prepared?

When safety and the environment are at stake, being prepared is absolutely vital. When you contract with us in advance, you’ll always know exactly who to call in an emergency. Rapid Response, Inc. is the right team, for a number of reasons:

  • All of your important information will be ready at hand
  • You’ll “lock in” emergency service rates
  • You’ll have access to all of EWMI’s comprehensive services in the aftermath of an emergency situation

Accidents happen. It’s not a question of “if”… it’s a question of “when.”
Being prepared now can mean peace of mind for you at a critical time. From the first moment in an emergency situation to the final audit, you can rely on Rapid Response’s expertise.

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Rapid Response Inc. has developed a proven system to provide a complete solution in the event of an environmental emergency. In any emergency situation, we always determine the best course of action to solve the problem safely and effectively. Above all else, our goal is to deliver quality, reliable environmental services.

  • CBRN & Fuel Response

    CBRN & Fuel Response

    From nonhazardous to hazardous, we are your all-in-one response crew for spills and releases.

  • Demolition


    We have a highly trained crew to handle any interior or structural emergency demolition, specializing in precise selective demo of pipes and tanks.

  • Cargo Recovery

    Cargo Recovery

    Rapid Response has experience with tanker recovery and cleanup, product transfers from liquid or dry bulk tankers, and other accident cleanup activities.

  • Post-Fire Cleanup

    Post-Fire Cleanup

    We’re prepared to respond to both residential and industrial fire sites involving chemicals, fuel oils and other unique circumstances.

  • Excavation


    The Rapid Response crew is ready to perform emergency excavations for any fuel, chemical or environmental remediation needs.

  • Remote Opening Capabilities

    Remote Opening Capabilities

    We have state-of-the-art equipment to handle reactive hazard material or pressurized drums.

Has a fire marshall asked you,
“What if?”
Has an insurance adjuster asked,
“What would you do?”

Rapid Response provides a no-hassle, no-cost emergency response contract that provides you with a person to contact in your time of need and guaranteed, locked-in pricing, so you can have a confident plan in place before disaster strikes.

Be prepared

Service Area

Ready to mobilize to any hazmat emergency across the Mid-Atlantic

With our main office in Northampton, PA, Rapid Response can quickly mobilize to emergency locations in Southeastern New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Available 24/7, we are a full-service emergency response company designed to handle any degree of emergency, from Level D to Level A.

Response Map

Experience Matters

Our highly trained professionals are specialists in the industries they serve—veterans at tailoring our services to your specific requirements.


Fuel Leak

Truck accident on PA I-78

Fuel Leak

Truck accident on PA I-78

Responded to and contained a large spill of diesel fuel and motor oil from a truck accident on an interstate highway. The spill went down drains and into the nearby Little Lehigh River.


Acid Leak

Hydrogen peroxide and acid reaction

Acid Leak

Hydrogen peroxide and acid reaction

Hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, peracetic acid, and nitric acid reacted as a result of poor temperature management. The material sprayed within the containment structure and leaked into the soil outside.


Transportation Incident

K061 spill

Transportation Incident

K061 spill

Pneumatic tanker containing EPA-regulated waste ran off the highway and into a swale. Rapid Response decontaminated the driver and installed absorbents for the K061 spill. A nearby stream was protected with poly sheeting. Rapid Response excavated diesel and K061-contaminated soil, as well as restored the site with clean backfill.


Emergency Chemical Reaction Containment

Bulging hydrogen peroxide drums

Emergency Chemical Reaction Containment

Bulging hydrogen peroxide drums

Rapid Response was hired by a third-party environmental company. Several drums had lost lids and some were going through a reaction. A Containment Reduction Zone (CRZ) was created as an extreme health and safety measure. An infrared gun determined which drums were most critical. A specialized 12-foot long extended pneumatic drill created a small pressure release hole in each container.

No matter how compliant you are,
no matter how careful you are,
accidents will happen.

To be sure that you are properly prepared, contact Rapid Response today.

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